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DCOF Acu Test / ANSI A137.1 Wet Slip Testing

We are equipped with BOT-3000E digital tribometer used in slip tests of wet floors (DCOF Acu Test / ANSI A137.1 which replaced ASTM C1028 SCOF) as specified in the 2012 International Building Code. In this video, it performs a simple informative (non-certified) reading of the floor's safety level (co-efficient of friction). This simple test is complimentary to help you evaluate the status of your floor's safety and potential liability, so you can better decide whether or not your floors need non-slip treatment.

You can read an exhaustive article about current standard measures for dynamic coefficient of friction (DCOF) here

The full test that meets certification is more complex than what is shown in the video, and is available for law firms and slip-fall court cases, for a fee. 

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